A mother’s day Gift!!!

Calling all moms, we have a special offer just for you…Calling all kids and partners who love the moms in their lives too:  For the month of May, we are offering A FREE RECIPE MAKEOVER…So send us your mom’s favorite recipe, and we will tell how to adjust the ingredients so it tastes as good as ever, but so it can also support the health of this amazing woman!

One of the favorite past times of special days, Mother’s Day being a prime example, is to celebrate with food. Unfortunately though, many our favorite meals are laden with ingredients that do not support our best health. 

What if you could enjoy those favorite foods without the downside though? We are here to help! Fabulous food can be healthy…Healthy food can be fabulous tasting! Your favorite recipe can be definitely be made with subtle adjustments to make it both delicious and healthy.

But why you ask? I mean it’s only one meal, its only one special day right? Wrong, when you really look and add up all the treats, all the busy days, all the times mom has to sacrifice her own best judgement to accommodate the needs of the family, you will discover she is likely very behind what is possible for her health. 

If you love her and want her around, feeling great, feeling agile and ready to join in family activities…Mom’s if you want to be around to enjoy family times, and joining in all the fun…Then takes us up on this offer. Let’s transform your favorite recipe!

Send your recipe to [email protected] and we will send your favorite back within the week. 

Here is a yummy drink you can make for her this month: 

Mint Limeade

If you are still looking for some special gift ideas, take a look at the new Super Brews Cold Teas, a ready to drink cold tea, made form 100% super foods, and oh so good!

For more fun ideas, take a look at our recipe page.



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