The Simple Step by Step Guide to having Bundles of Energy

1. Ordering the Program

2. use shopping lists, meal plans & recipes

3. enjoy magical health benefits – watch children (and adults alike) thrive

4. continue to progress month after month


  • Ordering the Program choice of one payment for the entire year or 12 monthly payments.
  • Use the shopping lists to gather your ingredients.
  • Gently shift your family into whole foods cuisine, one meal a day, for a year (and many more to follow)
  • Enjoy the magical health benefits both body and mind of whole food nutrition
  • Watch children (and adults alike) thrive, concentrate, sleep and stabilize moods and energy levels.
  • Continue to progress through the plan, totally supported by our shopping lists, meal plans and recipes.
  • Access our non-stop support. Stuck? Dealing with sensitivities or allergies? Reach out, we’re always here.


Simple, slow, paced shifts in habits and providing a lot of support that will guide you through the usual pitfalls, which we don’t need to explain, you’ve been through all of that already.

The easy answer is, we don’t do it all at once. WE bit it off into 12 tiny chinks and gradually through the year you transform your meal planning, what you keep in your pantry and have been supported long enough to see the amazing and life changing health improvement that these food reliably bring to you.
We support you 100% of the way, weekly emails and free email questions and answers.
If you’re stuck, we have a solution.
We’ve dealt with allergies, restricted plans, young athletes with ridiculous schedules and weekend tournaments, and the rest. We can help, and the plan is the cornerstone of everything we do.

Firstly, your order the plan right HERE off our site, you can pay all at once, or in monthly instalments.
You will receive a welcome email where you can login to the site and look around at what the shift of the month is.  One month we’ll take on breakfasts, the next month snacks, the next month dinners. You will be provided everything you need to succeed. Meal plans, recipes and shopping lists.  Shop for the ingredients we list, create the recipes, and voila! The shift is beginning.  Want to get the kids involved?  Check out these kid safe knives! Nothing like having all the veggies chopped when you get home from work!
Month after month you receive the new set of shopping lists, menus and recipes, shifting one meal or snack per day. Naturally starts to thrive.  The fast food garbage on the floor of the car starts to disappear and health problems you never thought were diet related are now a thing of the past. You’re family is transforming and it’s easy!
At the end of the program your pantry is full of healthy ingredients, spices you know how to use, and you are familiar with recipes that you now know by heart, healthy and nutritious.

Repeat, revisit and refine!
You can go through this program for years and never get bored, we are also always posting new recipes and creations to our website.
You can never go wrong with whole foods, so stick with us and keep up the momentum. some of our clients keep the menu and the plans on their computer, most people print everything out and start a binder to have on the counter and shopping lists that can go with you.

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