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Please check out our How It Works for more details about how Bundles Of Energy’s (BOE) program works.

BOE is the leading authority in healthy eating and living support systems.

BOE helps you make healthy food and lifestyle choices. BOE provides the nutrition and lifestyle resources and support systems to help you make the right choices for you.

You are probably an informed consumer who recognizes that “You are what You eat”. You also know that simply eating the right food isn’t the only factor necessary to achieve amazing health. However, with the staggering amount of information available to you from numerous “experts” in books, on TV, on the radio and the Internet, it is challenging, confusing and sometimes overwhelming to try to figure out, not only what is accurate, but also what is best for you.
BOE shifts through all that information and provides you with what is relevant and important to you. Our goal is to help you make the best food and lifestyle choices for you.

BOE has a dedicated team of Holistic Nutritionists, graduates from leading Canadian nutrition schools, who develop and provide these resources and support systems.

BOE resources and support systems include:

  • Cookbooks
  • Newsletters
  • Cooking Classes
  • Demonstrations
  • Seminars
  • Recipes
  • Consultations
  • Fundraisers

Holistic Nutritionists understand how food and lifestyle choices affect not only our waistlines, but the optimal function of every cell in our bodies.
A Holistic Nutritionist takes your lifestyle, your exercise, your habits, your environment and your thought patterns into consideration, and acts as a coach for you while you make changes to your diet and lifestyle.
Click here for more on holistic nutrition.

The group makes 6-8 great tasting, healthy recipes with the guidance and support of one of our nutrition experts. She is there to answer questions, help out and get the kids excited.
Once everything is prepared, everyone gets to sit down and enjoy the great results while our nutrition expert focuses on a key ingredient in each recipe. She will discuss the health benefits of these key ingredients and let you know how to incorporate them in other recipes too!
You will be inspired!

As well as knowledge and inspiration, you will take home the recipe booklet used throughout the workshop containing each of the recipes, a where to shop list and coupons.

You will need to work with our scheduling coordinator to create a guest list, choose a focus for the workshop and send out invites prepared for you by us. We will help you confirm attendance, and we bring all of the food!

Our workshops are currently customized fitting everyone’s different requirement. Contact Us for a precise price quotation

Of course! In fact, we strongly encourage the attendance of the whole family as everyone is empowered, inspired and most importantly, on the same page!
We have found that kids participate fully in our events and often surprise their parents at the foods they eat and love! The act of preparing food gives people a sense of ownership and pride in what they are eating!

If he is really reluctant to change the way he eats, suggest attending a workshop.
We have had several men attend our workshops with skepticism and they ask the greatest questions! Everyone leaves these workshops inspired!


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