Before You Do a Cleanse, Read This!

Doing an herbal cleanse can be a great way to get back to eating healthy and spring is a natural time for our bodies to cleanse.  The kits contain herbs and other nutrients that will stimulate the organs of the body to eliminate toxins from the body, or detox.

In order to get the full benefit of an herbal cleanse, one must change their diet to one that does not contain processed foods, sugar, wheat and dairy.

These cleanses may be helpful in aiding the detoxification of the body, but keep in mind that they are not for everyone.  Some herbal cleanses on the market are very harsh on the body.  symptoms may include nausea, diarrhea, headaches, and low energy for the first few days, and even longer.

If you are thinking about doing a herbal cleanse, it’s best to choose one that is very gentle on the system, especially if it is your first time cleansing. We also recommend that you talk with your doctor about using an herbal cleanse, especially if you are taking medication.

While cleansing using herbs can, in the end, give you more energy and leave you feeling rejuvenated, they can also be a hard couple of weeks to get through!  Be safe when using herbal products, and talk with health care practitioners before you jump in!


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