Are you ready for summer?!

Are you ready for summer?! I just spent a crazy weekend running around with kids and attending to family matters. I barely had time to think about eating let alone preparing healthy meals.

If you lead a busy life and your health is important to you, then take a look at this opportunity. We are hosting our final (public) cooking class for the summer, which will feature tremendous tips, ideas, and nutritional knowledge to get you through this summer. How to plan for busy weekends or weekdays, what you can make ahead and how to eat great food on the run.
As an Olympic athlete I know the perils of poor foods choices and the benefits of great food choices. I will be doing a special feature at this class on travelling with kids and snack ideas for great health! (PS> This will also be good for those of us adults that eat worse when the kids are not with us).


For details on our menu for the next Bundles of Energy Cooking Class, which will be our final public class prior to this summer, click here. This class is amazing: great recipes for summer, excellent nutrition knowledge from our holistic nutritionist and a special focus on summer eating challenges. Our menu will address quick easy meals that are whole, natural and very high nutritional value, and also amazing to eat. Please forward this to anyone you know who may be interested in attending.

For this event we our special price includes a copy our latest cookbook, the “Love Your Body Lunchbox”. Contact us now to reserve your spot and make this a summer of amazing health.

You can view the menu and register by e-mailing us directly or signing up at our meet-up link.


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