Athlete’s Foot: How Nature Can Help

Those itchy and peeling toes: it’s the season for athlete’s foot, that fungal infection that seems to come up after days at the beach or pool.
 We know that athlete’s foot can be a pain to treat, but it is easily preventable and several home remedies can help keep your toes in great health. 

What causes athlete foot?

Athlete’s foot is associated with two types of fungus: Epidermophyton floccosum or Trichophyton species. It is picked up from walking barefoot on the beach or pool, or caused by an overgrowth that comes with a warm, moist environment (AKA sweaty shoes). It most commonly affects teenagers.

How can I help prevent it?

  • Everyone can get it, not just athletes.
  • The decks of swimming pools or locker rooms are crawling with fungus, so it’s important to wear flip flips, shoes, or sandals in gyms, public showers, and hotel hallways. 
  • Keep feet dry: it helps prevent growth of the fungus. Go the extra mile by wearing natural footwear and socks as plastic and rubber can cause feet to sweat more. 
  • Thoroughly washing feet at the end of each day and drying them can also help, as well as changing out of wet socks and alternating shoes. 

Are there any home remedies that can help?

Note: this article is only to be taken as a guideline and not used in place of medical advice. Bundles of Energy is not liable for any injury or illness that occurs as a result of following these guidelines. When in doubt, it is always better to visit a health care practitioner. 


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