Beat the Summer Heat!

It’s hot out, the kids are sweating and getting grouchy. What can you give them for snacks?

Most of us would pull out some popsicles or freezies, but these are usually loaded with sugar, artificial colours and other unhealthy additives – And worse is that the high level of sugar often leaves kids feeling full, resulting in them skipping healthier meals and snacks. We know you need quick, easy, and nutritious options; Thankfully, nature has provided us with the juiciest fruits and the most cooling vegetables to help beat the summer heat.

Here’s a few favorites that you can consider:

  • Nutty Fruit Sticks: Roll some peeled bananas in yogurt and coconut flakes or dip in some finely chopped almonds and freeze.  These will give a quick energy boost and work as an awesome summer treat. This also works well with strawberries and oranges. Skewer with sticks and serve.  
  • Watermelon: Most children love watermelon, and with good reason: it’s 90% water and rich in vitamins A and C. This means it’ll hydrate very quickly while still getting a great nutritional boost. Put it in salads (it pairs wonderfully with basil!) or serve with other fresh fruit.
  • Cucumber: Loaded with water and vitamins, this fresh, crunchy snack is always a summertime favorite. Cut up into sticks and serve with hummus for a great way to cool down anywhere, anytime.
  • Frozen Fruit Skewers: put grapes, blueberries and other fruit on skewers and freeze for about an hour. Sweet, cool, and extremely inexpensive. 
  • Smoothies! Throw in cooling greens like spinach or mint. Honeydew melon, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, and nectarines are coming into season; so make the most of these delicious fruits while they’re around. Use coconut water, filtered water or almond milk as a base instead of juice, to keep the blood sugar in check.

Tip: Look for fresh produce at your local Natural Foods Store or your local farmer’s market. Fresh produce can also be bought locally on road trips during the summer. 

Hopefully this gave you some great, easy ideas to cool you and your kids down on those hot summer days. For more great tips, check out our Whole Foods Lifestyle Program


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