Dont Give Up Your Old Favourites!

I love graham crackers!  I have eaten them pretty much my whole life as a treat in smores around the campfire, or as a building block in a candy-laden gingerbread house at Christmas.

As I began to gently shift my eating habits and pantry though, I worried that these old favourites would have to dissapear from my life…  I know I am not the only one who has feared this upon taking the challenge to eat healthier.  My brother has even said to me, “I dont want to learn how to be healthy; I like pizza and cake!”

So here’s the thing, at Bundles of Energy we dont want you to give up your old favourites.  We will show you how to incorporate them into your new, improved pantry.  Our nutritionists are experts at substituting ingredients and recreating recipes into new, improved favourites.

Today, I made homemade graham crackers using all holistic ingredients.  I was a little skeptical that I could do it and come out with something that even remotely resembled the boxed version from the baker’s aisle but I did it!  Even better, the kids and my husband all approved!

So, stop focusing on the things in life you can’t have!  Try something from the Love Your Body Treats page and see that you can still enjoy treats on a holistic diet!  Make a comment and spread the word!  And don’t forget to share the recipe link with your friends on your facebook page!


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