Energy Food for Athletes

Have you ever wondered what is best for your child or team of athletes to eat while away at events? You are not alone! Eating well while on the road can be a major challenge, especially with so much conflicting nutrition information out there. 

Discover the Bundles of Energy hands on workshops for athletes, parents and coaches. It’s a fantastic team building opportunity that imparts the skills and knowledge required for teams to make the best possible choices and to work together to create them!

Don’t take our word for it though, hear straight from a coach who has experienced our workshops first hand: 

“As most of our competitions are ‘away games,’ eating nutritious meals is not always easy. Coupled with the fact that we are skiing 8 hours a day it becomes even more difficult to find affordable and nutritious meals. Bundles of Energy custom-tailored a seminar, complete with recipes and hands-on demos that showed our team how we can get quick, healthy, and energy packed meals on the move, for a fraction of the price of restaurant food. The energy and knowledge of Adrianne and Marcie kept the athletes engaged and enthused, with many questions being asked on everything from sports drinks to injury rehabilitation”

-Brett McClelland, Head Coach COP High Performance Freestyle Ski Team

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