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Promote Health and Raise Money for Your School, Sports Team or Organization!

5 Reasons to Choose Us:

1. The healthy fundraiser!

2. Educational

3. Easy to sell

4. One of the highest profit margins available

5. Local Company

Need money for your organization? Bundles of Energy has 3 fantastic fundraisers for you to consider.

1. Cookbook Sales: This 4”x6” easel style cookbook is full of recipes, coupons, food facts and tips, and gentle shifts for healthier living.

Simple, healthy recipes created by holistic nutritionists and endorsed by a former Olympic athlete.
Book sells for $13 making it an incidental purchase for most people
50% profit margin

2. Nutrition Demo: Combine the cookbooks with an informative nutrition demo with one of our holistic nutritionists.

Charge a fixed entry fee or allow entry by donation to raise more money for your school or group
Learn about nutrition first hand as you watch 3 delicious, simple recipes from the cookbook be prepared before your eyes
Sample the creations and be inspired to create the other 12 recipes in the book
Get excited about sharing the book with friends and family, making it easier to sell

3. Cookbook and Coupon Book Bundles: R.E.A.P. (Respect for the Earth and All People) has a little green coupon book for sale. It has over $1500 in savings on green businesses in and around Calgary.

Bundles sell for $30 each
Profit margin of 45%
Support local businesses
Protect the environment

About Us: Bundles of Energy helps you make whole food and healthy lifestyle choices by providing the Nutrition and Lifestyle resources and support systems to help you make the right choices for you. Our comprehensive resource and support system includes cooking classes, demos, cookbooks, and online resources that make whole food and healthy lifestyle choices obvious, simple and universal.

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