Got the winter blues?

Has the weather put you in a bit of a rut? This happens to many people and itʼs quite natural for you to start to feel a little under the weather this time of year. Don’t worry though, now that days are getting longer there are 2 very simple things you can do to defeat those blues! 

  1. Spring Cleaning.  Spring is not only a time for cleaning your home but also your body. During the winter you tend to eat warming foods that are heavier like stews and soups. This helps you sustain energy and warmth during the cold months when you need to stay warm. In the spring and summer your body naturally wants to eat lighter foods and itʼs an excellent time to cleanse by introducing more fresh fruit and vegetables. A good way to enjoy some of these foods is by steaming or lightly sauteing. Doing so helps to preserve more nutrients while overcooking tends to decrease the nutritional content of raw foods by killing off most of the live enzymes.
  2. Plant a garden. Starting your own garden is a great way to contribute to sustainable living. It may sound like an impossible task in our climate, however, youʼll be amazed at some of the great things you can grow. Begin by planting herbs that you can start indoors and then move outside once the weather allows. This is a great way to get your green thumb going.

So chin up!  Believe it or not, spring is just around the corner which means that things will start blooming soon. Spring is a great time to make a change in your life, so start thinking what youʼd like to do, type it out in the comments below, and make it happen!


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