Healthy Eating, is this high priority for you?

I had the opportunity this weekend to spend time with some new friends that are eager to bring healthier choices to their lives and that of their families. The eating habits that most of us have are often heavily impacted by our very busy lifestyles and a perceived lack of time. I use the word perceived because after much conversation and contemplation I have come to realize that our choices are entirely based on our priorities.

How we prioritize our lives determines what time we set or allow for everything we do. You may want to disagree here, but I urge you to take a few moments to reflect on this. We have all been there, exhausted, faced with a crazy schedule, and filled with the desire to just do what ever is easiest to get through the next hour. Which is exactly what we do, and then we justify our actions with excuses.

We all have excellent excuses for not making the better choices we say we want, but the reality for many is that we do not know where to start and we just have not made it important enough. Our new mini cookbook, the Love Your Body Lunchbox, and this website provide quick, easy, healthy recipes but that is only solving one part of the challenge we face. We must consciously choose to make great health a priority in our lives and then take the necessary action to follow through. In others words, we must make time in our busy lives for being healthy.

Make time?! Yes, that is what I said. Maybe it is better said this way: Book time in your busy schedule for making healthy meals. There are so many creative ways to do this in minimal amounts of time, but you must first make it a priority to do so. This is where setting priorities comes into play. Take an honest look at your priorities and see where healthy eating falls on your list. For many this may not come up at all. So look at where you can let go of something and make time for at least one healthy meal a week.

Our cooking classes are a great place to get inspired and learn about the amazing, simple recipes that are available. Through out this year you will find many time saving tips, recipes and ideas that you can incorporate in your life with ease.

For today I will leave you with this one quick, easy snack idea:

Wash and store fresh fruit in your fridge and make our refreshing and delicious Yogurt Fruit Dip, which takes less than 3 minutes to make.  When the munchies hit, put these on the counter for everyone to snack on. This is a very healthy, high energy snack great for busy families on the go. It is also great as an on the road snack!

Try this snack and let us know, in the comments below, how it goes over.  We love to hear from you!


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