Holiday Eating Made Easy

Holiday eating is both a delight and a challenge for most of us. So many tempting treats at the office, at the grocery store and dinner parties during the month of December can leave us wishing for better health and more energy. Unfortunately the many treats we are eating are both highly processed and full of immune depressing ingredients, but there is hope!

There are so many wonderful ways to make this December an enjoyable, delicious month to remember. Throughout this month we will be featuring many tips and recipes that are easy to follow and promote a gentle shift to amazing health!

First a tip: enjoy any treats you eat with pure joy. Stressing about anything, including what you eat, will only cause more stress. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Second, a recipe: a heart warming holiday recipe that is fabulous for desert, dinner parties, pot lucks. Our Apple Crisp is a simple, traditional favorite that everyone will love. Serve it warm, straight from the oven, or store in the fridge for cool, sweet, afternoon treat.

There are many great traditional recipes that can be made much healthier with a few simple ingredient adjustments. A basic change in this recipe is using Sucanat instead of brown sugar. This “free flowing sugar” contains valuable nutrients that have been stripped from white and brown sugar. Also using whole grain flour and whole oats packs valuable nutrients and energy into your meal.

Relax and enjoy the holiday. Look for more great recipes on our site to make your holiday wonderful while offering the gift of great health.


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