Is Buying Local Really That Important?

I have been thinking a lot about coincidences and the exisitence of law of attraction lately and it still amazes me when it occurs! I guess it is always occurring, just sometimes it is more obvious than others.

Yesterday, Michelle and I attended the quarterly meeting of R.E.A.P. (Respect for the Earth and All People), a local business association that we are very proud to be a member of. At the meeting we got to network with other fantastic, green, local businesses like:

At the meeting, we discussed the importance of buying locally and supporting local business. I knew this was important but some of the numbers and studies that have been done regarding boosting local economy were eye-opening.

Then this morning, I found this article in my inbox. It is from the beachbody site (a company that sells various workout programs). While I don’t entirely support or endorse their views on nutrition, this article is very well put together and so true.

I implore you, if you don’t already:

  • BUY LOCAL! Try out one of the above local businesses.
  • Check out the new Kingsland Farmer’s Market. Calgary’s newest Farmers Market. Connecting Families, Farmers, and the food they share. You will be amazed at all you can find locally.
  • Stay tuned! I am looking forward to Stephanie Jackman’s (founder of R.E.A.P.) upcoming “buy local impact” campaign and will be blogging about it so stay tuned!


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