My journey into the health and fitness world began in 2006 when I started to take interest in nutrition. I educated myself by reading several books and the following year I attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) Where I earned a certificate in Holistic Nutrition. As I was studying at CSNN I worked as a personal trainer and developed a passion for fitness.

Since then I’ve continued to evolve in these areas by continuing my education in nutrition (I am currently working towards the Advanced Natural Nutrition Diploma) as well as in the fitness field by becoming an Indoor Cycling Instructor.

In 2011 I joined Bundles of Energy as a Sport Nutrition Expert where I’ve been working on several projects, including specialized sport nutrition programs for young elite athletes.

My personal athletic passion is triathlons. I have participated in several events in recent years, including two half Ironmans, and I’m always excited about the start of a new season of competing. As the proud mother of two, pre-school aged children, I believe education through being an example for them to follow, is the best education I can give them.

Working with people is another true passion for me. Helping people achieve their lifestyle goals and over coming challenges is, ultimately, the reason I love what I do.

Being an athlete, I know how eating a whole food diet has improved my performance and over all energy and health. I want to share my knowledge and passion with the world and inspire people to achieve they’re best in a natural and holistic way.


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