Local Students Get Inspired!

Ear to ear smiles and thumbs up is all we saw as 300 students from a local school sampled one of four recipes from the “Love Your Body Lunchbox”, a whole foods cookbook that they were about to use as a fundraiser. Some comments from the students:

“This chicken salad is awesome!”…”I never thought of putting veggies in my tuna, but I love it!”…”Yum!”…”I would totally eat this again!”

Inspiring Future Dreams

This forward thinking school and parent council invited me to speak with students about “earth-inspired eating” and how it relates to their dreams. Not only were the students fully engaged in our conversation, they were also very astute in their understanding of food as relates to their bodies. Our focus for the event was on candies vs nature’s food, and the impact eating has on our lives now and our dreams for the future…something that as an Olympic athlete I know much about.


We asked the students if they know why candies are colorful? (For the answer, you must e-mail us… but the students got it correct). Then we looked at what food in nature is as colorful as candies, thus creating a bridge from what our bodies are really looking for to the food choices they make daily. They left knowing they have the power to create their lives and make it amazing.

Here is what one parent said about the event & the cookbook:

“The kids are very excited about selling the books…Abby (her daughter) got home yesterday after school and sold 10 books within an hour on our street.  Abby said this was mostly because:

1. It was healthy recipes.
2. Everything tasted great!
3. Because Artisan supported the whole idea!”

Our special thanks go out to the following groups who directly supported this initiative:

We will let you know how their fundraiser does, but in the meantime, if you want us to speak at your school, or if you would like to sponsor earth-inspired initiatives such as this one, please send us an e-mail!


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