Simple Summer Snacks

Ensuring everyone in my family, including myself, eats really great food can be tougher in the summer months than in the winter. This is somewhat shocking given this is a time of abundantly available fresh produce, however I am finding that we are busier than ever! With so many summer activities to partake in, there is precious little time left for preparing healthy meals and snacks.

The other challenge I run into is the lack of nutritious options available at many of the venues we attend! My family is highly active, participating in a variety of sport and leisure activities. Almost every place sells food, the bulk of which is composed of sugar, trans fats, food dyes and an array of other chemicals. Having kids with allergies to food dyes & preservatives (which I don’t want to feed them anyways), I am often left with no options.

As a result, I have been actively seeking quick easy ways to prepare great meals & treats my family can eat and enjoy. Here are come recipes & tips I use:

Sun Energy Balls… Freezer style! Make a double batch and store them all in the freezer. Take out as many as you want prior to each outing. They will be fresh and satisfying throughout the summer. These also stand up well in the summer heat.

Yogurt Parfait… The perfect cold treat, for kids & adults alike, during hot days in the sun. Everyone gets to make it their own way, leaving smiles all around!

Smoothies…What better way to beat the summer heat and pack amazing nutrition into one simple meal. There are endless varieties, but a couple of our family favourites are Sam’s Chocolate Milkshake, Mint Pina Colada and Blueberry Smoothie. TIP: Pour any leftover smoothie mix into popsicle moulds for ready made snacks on hot summer days!

Check out this great Blueberry Smoothie turned into a popsicle!


Fruit Popsicles…the ideal alternative to the ever popular “freezies” that we find everywhere we go. My kids have a blast making them, creating new colors and flavors each time. Stay tuned for endless varieties that will be posted on our site in coming weeks. Also, let us know what your favorite varieties are! What creative ideas do you use to create color & flavor?


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