Snacks For Active Kids

Kids are ravenous when they get home from school, and sometimes they’re craving something sweet. Most parents gravitate towards granola bars or tortilla chips with jarred salsa as an afternoon snack, or, if they want something a bit healthier, veggie sticks with peanut butter/hummus/dip. 

But it’s mundane and not as delicious as those sweet standbys like warm cookies fresh from the oven. While chilled yogurts are great as a summer cool-me-down, last I checked, the weather outside is still somewhat nasty and I want something that is more fun.
We understand that snacks are probably the biggest hindrance to healthy eating, especially for your kids. Sometimes it’s easier to just throw in those fruity gummies to their lunchbox. But there’s another way they can have fresh, delicious snacks. Some options include:

  • Chia pudding: chia seeds offer a powerful omega-3 fatty acid punch that is great for your kid’s brain. Add banana and pineapple for a tropical twist (check out our recipe!
  • Trail mix: Nuts offer a lot of protein and good fats, while dried fruit can add a touch of sweetness and minerals. Look for unsulphured dried fruits, if using.
  • Yogurt Parfait: Add dried coconut and mangoes to yogurt with whole rolled oats-delicious and simple. 
  • Green smoothies: On warmer days they will add a zap of vitamins and minerals that can help keep them focused on the field and in school.
  • Guacamole: Avocados have an amazing fatty acid profile that will help keep everyone full. 
  • Spiced nuts: you can sweeten it up with honey and cinnamon, or add chilli pepper and lime for a spicy protein-rich snack
  • Pumpkin cookies: Check out this month’s feature recipe. Soft and delicious, they’re a great snack for kids on-the-go. 
  • Homemade chocolate milk: Raw cacao provides a lot of vitamins and minerals. 


Virtually all of these snacks can be made in minutes, and your kids will love the flavours. For more options on how to incorporate these snacks into your life, check out our Whole Foods Lifestyle Program.


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