Supporting Olympic Dreams: Thomas Williams

Ice Dancing is my passion!”

Thomas Williams, Junior Canadian Ice Dance Champion!

Athletic performance and nutrition go hand in hand. The challenge for many young athletes and their parents is finding good resources to assist them in learning about optimal sport nutrition. While each sport will have specific requirements, our approach is to focus on whole, natural ingredients which supply high energy and loads of nutrients, contributing top performance in any sport.

As a young athlete there are many challenges Thomas faces in realizing such an extraordinary goal. He must focus on getting the ideal amount of rest and nutrition daily to meet the constant demands that his intense training schedule has on his body. He also faces tremendous financial challenges with the time commitment he must put into training. Working a traditional job just will not meet his needs.

We are proud to announce our support for Thomas Williams, Junior Canadian Ice Dance Champion, as he pursues his dream of competing in the 2014 Olympics.

Thomas and his partner, Nicole Orford, have sky rocketed to success this year, winning the Junior Canadian title for Ice Dancing 2010, 2011. These young athletes have big dreams, and the commitment, talent and dedication to match. We are proud to be a supporter of their dreams through the sales of our new cookbook, the “Love Your Body Lunchbox“.

You can join us in supporting Thomas with your purchase: just select Thomas Williams as who you support when you purchase online or contact us directly for bulk purchases. Watch for updates on Thomas and Nicole’s success as we follow their journey to the 2014 Olympics.

Stay tuned to find out what Thomas’s favourite recipe is…Any guesses?


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