Turkey Turkey Turkey!

Cooking up a turkey this Thanksgiving? Why not support a local farmer and buy an organic turkey or chicken to serve at your dinner?! Not only will you help the local economy, but you will help reduce the impact that conventional farming has on the environment.

Not sure of where to start your search for a local turkey? We’re here to help! When it comes to finding organic and local turkeys, you often have to pre-order to ensure that you get the size of turkey that you need to feed all of those friends and family! I have included the websites of the different farms and farmers so you can order your bird and pick it up so you are ready to put it in the oven for Thanksgiving! Remember, that without the use of hormones most of these farmers can offer a variety of naturally raised birds that grow at their own rate!

Sunworks Farms is the home of Ron and Sheila Hamilton, located near Armena, Alberta.  They are organic and holistic farmers who feel that the ethical and humane handling of animals is of the upmost importance.  They have organic turkeys to sell for those special holiday occasions. My family ordered a Christmas Turkey from these Alberta Farmers, and it was delicious! Their turkeys are raised on pasture and they are fed a combination of certified organic grains.  Check out their website for information on ordering free range organic turkeys and where to pick up.  (Sunworks farms also sells whole chickens at Blush Lane, located in the Calgary Farmer’s Market).

Winter’s Turkeys is an Alberta farm that raises turkeys in the sunshine and fresh air!  They are fed a whole grain diet that is supplemented with organic forage.  Fresh and frozen turkeys are available to order, or you can pick up their products in Calgary at Amaranth Whole Foods, Community Natural Foods, Calgary Co-op, Horizon Meats, at select Safeway stores, and Sunnyside Market.

Another option for Thanksgiving is to cook up an organic local chicken. I keep a few chickens in my downstairs freezer to cook up on Sundays so I have meat to put in wraps for lunches the next week. If your Thanksgiving dinner is small, put a thawed chicken in your slow-cooker for 4-6 hours (adjust time depending on the size of the chicken).  Just add water and your favourite spices (I use basil, garlic, and rosemary) and you will have an easy meal ready with very little mess. Plus, you can use the bones to make soup!

Interested in cooking up a local natural chicken? Check out Diamond Valley Farms. I toured this farm last year and gained a lot of insight on what it means to raise chickens. The folks at Diamond Valley take care of their birds; they are fed a clean and natural diet that is supplemented with many super foods to keep the birds healthy! Contact them and drive out just past Okotoks to get your chickens today! Below is a picture of me at Diamond Valley Farms.

Organic meat can be a little more expensive when compared to meat found at a local grocery store. However, you can support a local farmer and ensure that their hard work is rewarded!  So pick up a turkey from one of these farms, and give thanks to the farmer who put it on your plate!


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