What is Tempeh?

Many people have heard the benefits, and concerns, over using soybeans. Soybeans are a good source of protein, as they contain all of the essential amino acids that they body requires. The beans are very versatile and can be used in many different ways. However, the type of soy does matter. Soy is often genetically modified and contaminated with pesticides and herbicides. Choose organic sources of soy.  And, like other foods, soybeans should be used in moderation.

Tempeh is a great way to use soy if you want to add a small amount to your diet. To make tempeh, soybeans are cooked and then fermented. Some types of tempeh are mixed with other grains. It has a nutty flavour that can take on the taste of what you have used as a sauce or marinade to go along with it! It is chewy, typically like a soft tofu, and it is very popular among vegetarians.  It is usually stored in the freezer section of your local health food store.

Most tempeh needs to be cooked, and you can poach it, boil it, steam it, bake it, broil it, grill it or sautee it! Try it out as an alternative to meat in some of your favourite dishes (just crumble and cook it up!).  Buy an organic tempeh, such as the Noble Bean brand, or other organic brands found at your local health food store. Some brands of tempeh are pre-cooked and made ready to eat, so check out the package instructions.

I have tried sautéing tempeh along with fresh vegetables and Bragg’s Soya Sauce Seasoning, and then served it over brown rice. It was definitely chewy, and a nice alternative for dinner. I would love to try cooking it and serving it on kabobs with vegetables.

Have you used Tempeh?


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