What the Heck is a Permablitz?

Well it depends who you ask!

On Thursday, May 12, I headed down to Bowness to help a stranger build her permaculture-designed garden. Why would I do such a thing you ask? Well believe me, I got a lot out of it!!!

“Permaculture is a framework that allows you to take all of the most cutting edge environmental and social solutions and weave them together into something that is guaranteed to work long term.”

“A Permablitz is a workshop-style day which allows students to get some hands-on experience, try out some of the concepts discussed in class, learn by doing, get ideas for their own homes, meet like-minded people, reduce food miles & water use and beautify underused spaces.”

“Where a blitz is a focused application of energy or a concentrated effort to get something done, a Permablitz is a front or back yard makeover where volunteers from the community get together and have fun learning about, designing and implementing permaculture-inspired systems.”

Holly’s garden was designed by Rob Avis of Verge Permaculture in Calgary, AB. He planned for rainbarrels in her raised front yard to collect water from the roof and feed into the garden the whole growing season. The beds were specifically located and measured according to Holly’s arm reach. The pathways between the beds were all dug out and completely leveled to allow water to disperse evenly troughout the garden.

I am not sure what is more brilliant, the design and concept of permaculture or the fact that 15 strangers offerred up a day to work together and create something so beautifully functional! Holly’s little backyard space was converted to a weed-free, drout-proof, fertilizer-free garden in under 6 hours!

I have now volunteered for one permablitz and after one more I can post my own permablitz and round up volunteers/students to help me rebuild my yard! It is so exciting to have sustainable solutions at my fingertips! What do you think of having a weed-free garden? Please share in the comments below!

All of the quotations and links in this article are from Verge Permaculture in Calgary, AB. Check them out and join their newsletter for more great info!


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