Who needs lettuce for a salad?

I opened my fridge to make lunch today, thinking of a delicious salad.  Much to my dismay…

I had no lettuce.

Upon further rummaging, inspiration hit.  Not my own idea though.  This salad is entirely inspired by Michelle.  She makes this often!

Who says you need lettuce for a salad?

Basically, you take all the veggies out of your fridge.  Chop up a handful of each and throw them in a bowl.  Add some chicken or beans if you want some protein (I added a leftover bbq’d chicken breast).  Top with one of our many dressings.  I used leftover creamy dill dip* that I had served with a veggie platter on the weekend.

*the creamy dill dip is one of 15 fabulous recipes featured in our first mini cookbook, the Love Your Body Lunchbox.

And voila! 

A delicious, completely nutritious lunch!

What is the most unique ingredient you have used for salad?


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