A Healthy Twist on a Refreshing Favourite!

There are endless options for creating delicious, refreshing and fun frozen treats for the summer. The benefits of which are exceptional and a wonderful gift to your family and yourself. Not only will you be reducing the amounts of artificial & chemical based food your kids consume, but you will be hugely increasing the amounts of beneficial nutrients, vitamins and energy they get from their “treats”!

Here are some fun flavor/color combinations we suggest:

Blueberries & Yogurt = Purple
Strawberries & Bananas = Pink
Peach & Raspberries = Orange
Mango, Pear, & Spinach= Green
Chocolate, Mango, Banana = Chocolate

Start with frozen fruit and any combination above, puree in a blender or a vitamix, add honey to sweeten if desired, and create fantastic, fun and flavorful treats for the summer heat!

As if that were not enough, there is yet another exceptional benefit: creating a far greater connection to & appreciation of where our food comes from. Do you ever struggle with picky eaters? Including kids in creating their meals is the most effective method of creating healthy eaters I have experienced. By involving the kids, letting them select the colors & flavors they want to create, they begin to evolve their tastes and appreciation of what they eat. They have fun, even when they create less than ideal flavours, and they learn so much!

Let us know what flavours you and your kids enjoy making most often.


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