KiddiKutter Knives!

Part of our job as parents is to teach our young athletes and active kids the life skills necessary to attain and maintain great health. This is includes how to select and prepare healthy foods that will support their health while they pursue their dreams.

While this sounds great, a big challenge is kitchen safety! Between sharp knives, hot stoves and a a crazy busy schedule, most parents find it easier to just do everything themselves. We heard the concerns of many parents, and teachers (who use our nutrition programs in their classrooms: “Knives are sharp and can be dangerous, and most of the kid-friendly knives out there just don’t help with food prep (aka they barely cut an apple)”.

So Bundles of Energy came up with a great solution:

We searched far and wide and found a perfect product to ease the worry and allow these youngsters help prepare their own meals. Tried and tested in our own homes, we discovered the kids love to participate when they too feel dafe. And better yet, this product will help them develop those critical life skills, while making your load a little lighter in the kitchen (because you will now have help!).

Introducing KiddiKutters, a company from Australia that came up with safe knives that actually work!

As of this posting, Bundles of Energy is the ONLY distributor in North America for kiddikutter knives. And you can purchase yours today!


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