Autumn Roasted Vegetables

A couple of weeks ago Marcie (another nutritionist with Bundles of Energy) and I created a delicious lunch for our team members! We used vegetables that Michelle had laying around her house; a massive zucchini, an eggplant, bell peppers, carrots, and other veggies stored in her fridge. Not a lot of people know what to do with eggplant, and so we thought we would serve something that is easy and tasty.

This meal was truly something from the earth. The hearty vegetables were filling and very much in tune with fall!

We decided to roast all of the vegetables we had. We took a pan and drizzled in organic olive oil. We sliced the vegetables into large pieces and threw them in the pan. We diced up a couple of cloves of garlic (great for the immune system) and used fresh basil leaves (great for digestion) from Michelle’s herb boxes. For some flavor we added sea salt and pepper, and a touch of Bragg’s liquid aminos-a natural soya sauce. Check out our Autumn Roasted Vegetable recipe now posted on our website.

For that particular day, we served the roasted vegetables on a bed of garden lettuce. It made for a delicious salad. You could also serve these as a side dish at dinner.

Experiment with different herbs and spices, and use your favorite vegetables to create some delicious alternatives. And when you do, please let us know your ideas!


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