This could change your life…

I have to admit something difficult to you.  It is hard to do because I am always telling you how to be healthier and make good food choices.

I have not been eating well the last couple of months.

Why?  Well a few reasons.  It started when we left for Ontario at the end of July.  A long road trip that ended in a place where I did not know where to shop like I do at home.  Lots of events and visiting with family made it very difficult to eat well.

But really, these are just excuses.

Once home, I found it extremely overwhelming to consider getting back into my old routine of health and wellness, eating well and working out.

I put it off.  I am sure you can relate.  Sometimes it is hard to take that first step.

Well, here is the solution, at least it is for me. I chose to begin with a cleanse because spring and fall are natural times for our bodies to detox.  I bought “ReCleanse” about a year ago and never started it because I was scared of the food plan.  Turns out, upon a second look, a year after my gentle shift first began, the food plan isn’t so scary after all!

A good variety of whole, natural foods.

Today is day 3 of 7 and I feel great!  The food is wonderful!  I have way more energy and am getting things done around the house that have been on the list for a while.  I feel happier too, and I can’t wait to add my workout routine in as soon as I am finished, this Saturday.

This is changing my life!

Have you ever done a cleanse?  Which one?  How did you like it (or not like it)?  Please leave a comment as I am sure people would love to read some reviews!  I know I would!



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