Today I read Michelle’s most recent blog post titled, “What to eat?!”, and was inspired to do the same thing with our abundant pantry and fridge/freezer food.

We can use the healthful change back to good, homecooked meals after dealing with a bit of water crisis in Longview for the past week and half.  With no running water or a “boil before using the water” in effect, the last thing I felt like doing was to cook!  Needless to say, our energy levels and spirits have suffered.  The boxed food has taken its toll and I have had enough!

So with a few free range chicken breasts, a jar of organic tomato sauce, kamut penne noodles and some broccolinni in hand, I set forth to make dinner tonight…

Man, it felt good!!!

The kids were so excited to sit down for supper tonight and they all ate everything on their plates!  I have leftovers to send for lunch tomorrow and am pleased to report I am back on the homecooked bandwagon.  Will you join me?  What are you making for dinner tonight?


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