What to Eat?!

Well the weekend is upon again and as I think about making dinner for the umpteenth time, I feel somewhat uninspired. I know that there are many others who share this experience and know exactly what I am talking about. It is exactly this experience that allows me to pursue the development of the support system that is “Bundles of Energy”.

I am so fortunate to meet amazing people every week that have the best products and services available in our area. In addition, I have this vast reserve of recipes to draw from when I am lacking inspiration at the refrigerator door. Even better still, with a simple e-mail or perusal of our blogs, I can find even more great ideas, like a local organic restaurant that I can take my husband or our entire family out to enjoy.

For tonight in particular, I have opted to stay in and make Sweet Potato Soup. I am going to try it with a little twist though: My husband and I have committed to using everything in our freezer before we buy any further meat or otherwise frozen produce. In other words we are only shopping for fresh ingredients until we have completely emptied our current supplies. As a result, I cooked a wonderful roast last night with sweet potatoes, yams and carrots. Tonight I will use the left over roasted veggies for our soup.

The flavours that have been infused into the vegetables from the roast will add fabulous flavour and the recipe will take mere minutes to make. A simple blend in the pot and a gentle re-heat will have a fabulous meal for all of us to enjoy.

For desert we will have a Chocolate Milkshake or some delicious Chocolate Avocado Mousse. These are both less than 10 minutes to make and leave our evening free to spend time together!

I would love to hear about your challenges and successes for mealtime. What is your favorite weekend meal?


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