Life Made Easier by Home Delivery!

I recently received my first box of organic produced delivered straight to my door, by Green Earth Organics. What a treat…Shopping done for me! As a busy parent with an over-flowing schedule, nothing could be better. 

Every parent I know is scrambling just to get through most days with some sense of sanity, meeting the demands of school, sports, and life in general. Keeping up with house, shopping, and meals, can just be too much some days, and what often falls, is our level of nutrition.

We resort to meals bought and eaten on the run, because we couldn’t get to the store or did not have enough time to prepare a home-made dinner. That’s why Green Earth Organics is such a gift to us all. Having a box of fresh, organic produce delivered each week, saves me precious time. I always know I have fresh veggies to create a meal from- one of the MOST IMPORTANT elements of our daily diets.

I have discovered a wealth of soup recipes that can be easily adapted based on what vegies I have on hand, not to mention stews, chili’s and salads. In the summer I tend to keep things raw as much as possible, but on cold wintery days, the hearty nutrient dense veggies are perfect in a warm meal.

Here is one of my favorite fall recipes:

See separate attachment for Tomato Soup

 Did you know….We are actually attracted to nature’s colorful foods that provide vital nutrition.?! It’s a fact; one that candy makers discovered ages ago. Candy however, does provide any of the vital nutrients we need to live well, instead it distracts us from the bounty of health that nature’s foods offer.


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